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Knivsta - a young municipality with a long history

Knivsta is a municipality close to the countryside, half way between the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and the university city of Uppsala. Thanks to close cooperation between the local authorities, business life and voluntary organisations, and thanks to its enthusiastic inhabitants, the municipality has built up a stimulating environment to live and work in.

Industries and businesses are attracted to Knivsta mainly because of its favourable location at the centre of a region, where one third of the population of Sweden live. Half of the country’s research and development capacity is in this region.

Knivsta welcomes new businesses. We try as far as possible to facilitate applications for building permits, for example, and in many other ways help new companies to establish themselves in Knivsta. 

Contact information

Peter Evansson, Chairman of Knivsta Municipality Council
Phone: +46 72 212 32 33
E-mail: peter.evansson@knivsta.se

Real Estates
Anders Carlquist
Phone: +46 34 71 22
E-mail: anders.carlquist@knivsta.se

Are you interested in business opportunities in Scandinavia? 

You are not alone. Knivsta is a part of the Stockholm region. We are proud to represent one of Europe’s top destinations for foreign direct investments.

The Stockholm region offers leading clusters in industries ranging from cutting edge biotech to sustainable construction. It is the natural gateway to the center of Scandinavia and Sweden’s largest consumption area.

In the Stockholm region, 50 municipalities collaborate to provide you as an expert, investor or entrepreneur with the best possible assistance in your establishment process. We offer advice, networking opportunities and practical assistance, free of charge, to companies setting up or expanding business operations in the region. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Automation
  • Cleantech
  • Construction
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • ICT
  • Life science
  • Logistics
  • Metals and mining

For more information visit investstockholm.com.  

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