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Education and Child Care

Ängby school. Photo IM Söderberg

Children playing basket at Ängbyskolan, one of ten comprehensive schools in Knivsta.

Knivsta provides a wide range of education and child care. New schools and nursery schools are being built at a fast rate for a young and growing population.

There are ten comprehensive schools in Knivsta. Three of them, Thunmanskolan, Alsike skola and Margarethaskolan, have senior departments (13-16).

Preschool for children 1-5 years old

In Knivsta, there are preschools and pedagogical child care for children between 1 and 5 years of age. The Municipality charges a fee for early childhood education.

All children have the right to join a public preschool from the year they turn three years old. There is no charge for attending a public preschool.

Preschool class 

All children may start preschool class in the year they turn six years old. You have the option to choose which school your child will go to preschool class in. The activities are conducted three hours per day, on school premises. It costs nothing to go to preschool class.

Primary school (compulsory school)

In the month of August the year a child turns seven, the child begins attending primary school. In Sweden, there is compulsory school attendance - meaning that all children in Sweden must attend the nine-year primary school. There is no charge for attending a public primary school.

There are ten primary schools in Knivsta. If your child has attended preschool class, he/she will move on to grade 1 in the same school. If your child has not attended preschool class you will be offered a school that is close to where you live. If you want to change schools, and there is room in the school you want your child to go to, you’re welcome to change. 

Fritidshem – After-school recreation centres

Children between six and twelve years have the right to go join an after-school recreation centre if their parents are working or if they are in an education programme. The after-school recreation centres are located on the school premises. The Municipality charges a fee for the children who participate in after-school recreation centre activities. 

Gymnasium school – Upper secondary school

When one has graduated primary school, they can apply a attend a Gymnasium school. The gymnasium schools are based on a three-year programme. There are national programmes and programmes with specialisations. There are also introductory programmes for those who do not have the prerequisites or other eligibility to apply to the national programmes. The national programmes can provide the prerequisites to be able to apply to university.

Anyone who lives in the municipality of Knivsta can go to secondary school in Knivsta, Uppsala or in another municipality. In Knivsta, we have Sjögrenska Gymnasium school, which offers several professional and vocational programmes. The school is also has an orientation programme.

There is also an upper secondary school that offers individual programmes of study. Students taking other programmes attend schools in neighbouring municipalities, primarily Uppsala and Sigtuna. 

Knivsta also provides adult education and special classes for Swedish Immigrants.

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