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Living accommodations

Bomiljö i Knivsta. Foto A Blom

In the Municipality of Knivsta there is a varied range of accommodation options available. 

In the urban centre of the Municipality of Knivsta there are multi-family dwellings, with either rental apartments or tenant-owned apartments. In other parts of the municipality, housing with freehold ownership rights in single family detached housing and row houses predominate.

Rental apartments 

Knivstabostäder is the Municipality’s public housing company; it manages the rental apartments it owns in the municipality. Consult Knivsta Bostäder’s customer service if you want to know more about the possibilities for accommodation in Knivsta Bostäder’s rental units, or if have questions about the housing queue/waitlist: 

  • Tel. +46 (0)18 34 71 30
  • E-mail: hyrbostad@knivsta.se 
  • Ordinary opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 08:00 - 09:30 

If you want to live in one of Knivstabostäder’s rental units, it is important to know that the waiting time to obtain an apartment is quite long, so it is a good idea to put yourself in the housing queue as soon as you can.

Co-op apartment, Single family house

If you have the ability to buy a home, you can more quickly find somewhere to live in the Municipality. There are several estate agents who can help you to find a owner-occupied co-op apartment or a house to buy.

Waste sorting and recycling for the environment

The Municipality has the responsibility that your household refuse is deal with. This is done via refuse collection and by you separate refuse according to its type, drop off items, packaging, and certain waste items to recycling points or to the Municipality’s Recycling Centre. The aim of sorting waste at source is to reduce the consumption of resources.

Medicine that is not used is to be dropped off at a Apoteket.

Recycling collection points

By sorting your packaging and dropping them off at a recycling collection point you actively participate in recycling efforts. At the recycling collection points, you can drop off, among other things, metal, hard and soft plastics, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, uncoloured and coloured glass, as well as newspapers. Additionally, there are containers for batteries and in some places also for clothing and textiles.

The main Recycling Centre

At the main Recycling Centre, you can dispose of electronic waste that you want to get rid of. This might be cookers/stoves, refrigerators, computers or televisions. You can drop off garden waste such as branches and shrubs, or different kinds of construction refuse. You can also dispose of used batteries and hazardous waste, such as paints and solvents, at the Recycling Centre.

Ordinary opening hours: 

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 14 – 20
  • Saturdays and Sundays 9 - 16 
  • Senast uppdaterad 28 dec 2015