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National minorities

In Sweden, we have the following five national minorities: Jews, Roma (an indigenous people), Sámi, Swedish Finns, and Tornedalers. We also have the following five minority languages: Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romani Chib, Sámi.

As a member of a national minority group, you are entitled to be informed about your rights, regardless of which national minority language you speak and where in Sweden you live.

The National Minorities and National Minorities Languages Act (2009:724) applies throughout Sweden and provides that:

• The minority languages must be protected and promoted.
• The national minorities must be able to maintain and develop their respective cultures
• Municipalities and county councils are obligated to provide information regarding the rights of the minorities and to give them the opportunity to assert influence on issues that relate to them.
• Municipalities and county councils are obligated to adopt goals and guidelines regarding their minority policy efforts (effective from 1 January 2019).
• If a municipality has access to personnel in eldercare who speak any of the minority languages, the municipality shall offer any person who so requests the opportunity to be cared for personnel with knowledge of that language (effective from 1 January 2019). In connection with that care, the personnel should take into consideration the need of seniors to maintain their cultural identity.

The County Council of Stockholm County, together with the Sámi Parliament are responsible to coordinate and monitor the implementation of Swedish minority policy in the municipalities of the country. Additional information about their work can be found through the links in the right-hand column.
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