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Social Welfare

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The Municipal government is responsible for providing care and support to people over age 65, and to people with serious disabilities. This support can be provided either in one’s own home or by living in a special housing. 

If one has a serious disability and is under 65 years old, they can also receive support via daily activities or in finding another job. 

All health and social care in the Municipality of Knivsta is designed in close cooperation with the recipient of the care and their immediate family members. Social care should enhance the ability to live an independent and dignified life. 

Individuals with a long-term or permanent serious disability and who cannot travel by public transport can be travel with special transportation service (färdtjänst). With this special transportation service, one can travel within Knivsta and Uppsala municipalities. Those who wish to travel outside these counties can apply for access to the national mobility service with its special transport services.

The Social Services Department can provide support when it comes to personal finances, drug or alcohol addiction, or help to children and families in distress.

In order to gain access to the Municipality’s social care or support, you will need to be resident in Sweden, or be registered as an applicant for asylum.

If you fall ill

Everyone who lives in Sweden has the right to health and medical care. Those who are applicants for asylum are entitled to emergency medical and dental care (and where relevant to maternal health services, maternity care, contraception counselling and care in the event of an abortion).

Children under 18 are entitled to free medical and dental care.

If you live in Knivsta and become ill, you should contact the Uppsala County Council:

  • Telephone: +46 (0)18 611 00 00.
  • Website: www.1177.se/Uppsala-lan/

Advice and support when you or someone in your family has become ill: www.1177.se. The information is also available in languages other than Swedish.

If you need urgent help or require emergency assistance

In case of fire, serious accidents, acute illness, or violent or threatening situations, Call 112

If you have been the victim of a crime, you should contact the police, phone 114 14.

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