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Industry and commerce

Industries and businesses are attracted to Knivsta mainly because of its favourable location at the centre of a region, where one third of the population of Sweden live. It takes only half an hour to reach Stockholm and ten minutes to Uppsala, one of Sweden’s oldest and most famous university cities. A major international airport, Arlanda, is only 7 minutes away.

Half of the country’s research and development capacity is in this region. Being close to the university city of Uppsala and other educational centres in the region, Knivsta has a very well-educated population.

Knivsta welcomes new businesses

We try as far as possible to facilitate applications for building permits, for example, and in many other ways help new companies to establish themselves in Knivsta.

Its attractive living environment has encouraged people who have moved here to settle permanently. However, the local competition for employment is at a low level. 70 per cent of the people who live in Knivsta commute to work outside the municipality. This means that it is easy for new employers to recruit well-educated personnel.

Are you interested in business opportunities in Scandinavia?

You are not alone. Knivsta is a part of the Stockholm region. We are proud to represent one of Europe’s top destinations for foreign direct investments.

The Stockholm region offers leading clusters in industries ranging from cutting edge biotech to sustainable construction. It is the natural gateway to the center of Scandinavia and Sweden’s largest consumption area.

In the Stockholm region, 50 municipalities collaborate to provide you as an expert, investor or entrepreneur with the best possible assistance in your establishment process. We offer advice, networking opportunities and practical assistance, free of charge, to companies setting up or expanding business operations in the region. Our areas of expertise are:

Automation Cleantech Construction Financial services Hospitality ICT Life science Logistics Metals and mining.

For more information:

investstockholm.com External link, opens in new window.

Real estate

The Ar Industrial Estate is situated along Highway E4 between Stockholm and Uppsala. It is less than 50 km to Stockholm, less than 20 km to Uppsala and only 10 km to Arlanda Airport.

There is more than 200,000 km2 of vacant land for offices, industries, crafts and trading. At present there are some 50 companies here, comprising industry, technology and development.

Ar lies at the centre of the metropolitan region but is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Only a few hundred metres away is Lake Valloxen, with jogging tracks, a school and growing residential areas close by.

Knivsta Centre, with a range of services, shops and the railway station, is just 2 km from Ar.

Contact information
Anders Carlquist
Phone: +46 18 34 71 22
E-mail: anders.carlquist@knivsta.se

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